Latest Club One Events

Mon Jan 22 @07:00PM
Adv ChaCha
Mon Jan 22 @07:45PM
Adv Samba
Tue Jan 23 @07:00PM
Beg/Int Am Tango
Tue Jan 23 @07:45PM
Beg/Int Am ChaCha
Wed Jan 24 @07:00PM
Int Rumba

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Series Classes

Want to enhance your knowledge of the different dances out there? Know a few dancing moves but want to learn more? Want to impress those around you while having a blast in a fun, exciting environment?

Our Series Classes are the perfect way for you to have a more in depth experience of each dance. In each successive Series Class you will learn more steps of each dance building on the previous week's material. This allows you to build your knowledge of the different steps in each dance. These classes are a great way for you to dive into the dance while building your repertoire of dancing knowledge and skills.

Each Series Class meets once a week at the same scheduled time and lasts for 4 weeks. We have levels ranging from Beginning all the way up to Advanced. Some prerequisites may be required.

So, check our Calendar for the different Series Classes that we offer and don't forget to Contact Us if you have any questions. You won't want to miss these exciting Series Classes here at Club One Studio!!

Our prices for Series Classes (45 min./class):

  • 1 Class (45 minutes of instruction) - $12 ($12/class)
  • 10 classes (7 1/2 hours of instructions) - $100 ($10/class)
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