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Tue Apr 24 @07:00PM
Beg/Int Am VWaltz
Tue Apr 24 @07:45PM
Beg/Int Bachata
Wed Apr 25 @07:00PM
Int ChaCha
Wed Apr 25 @07:45PM
Int Samba
Thu Apr 26 @07:00PM
Adv Waltz

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Private Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance but always felt a little too timid? Do you know how to dance but just want a little more individual attention? Or are you just looking to have a good time while learning how to dance?

Private Lessons are the perfect way for you to get some individual attention on your dancing. This will give you an opportunity to build your dancing knowledge as well as perfecting your dancing skills with one of our experienced Teachers. Our Teachers will help you design a program that is suited to your dancing needs as well offering you guidance and direction throughout your dancing. Private Lessons with a Teacher is one of the most important aspects in dancing and is a necessary part in continuing one's dancing education.

During a Private Lesson, you will learn many different aspects of dancing that you might not be able to learn elsewhere. Not only will we teach you the steps in each dance, we will cover topics such as poise, presentation, movement, flight, swing, sway, rotation, hip action, style, footwork, alignment and that's just the start! Our highly trained Teachers are prepared to give you all their knowledge and help set and meet your dancing goals!!

So, don't forget to Contact Us to schedule your private lesson. Private Lessons will be scheduled at your convenience and meets as many times as you would like during the week! You are going to love all the individual attention that you will receive in a Private Lesson and all the benefits that go along with it here at Club One Studio!!

Our prices for Private Lessons:

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